Dropped USB ports with Windows 7

I have a Gigabyte EG45M-DS2H board with RAID 0 setup that I built in 2009 and upgraded from XP to Windows 7 when it came out. Everything worked fine for the past two years and then, suddenly, while watching Hulu one day, my keyboard light went out.
Turns out that all of the back panel USB ports stopped working.
I have flashed the newest BIOS and installed the newest ICH10R driver but to no avail.
The ports work fine during POST but go dead upon Windows 7 loading and they never come back.
The weird thing is the USB headers still work just fine. My front panel ports are usable, it's just the on-board ports that get dropped.
I tried a new install of Windows 7 64bit and the problem still remained.
Next, I tried an install of Windows 7 32bit. Same thing.
Then, I loaded XP and everything worked fine.
I also installed two versions of Ubuntu, both 32 and 64bit versions and everything works with those too.

Has anybody else seen this? Is there a fix?
It's clearly a Windows 7 issue but the thing is, it USED to work just fine!
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  1. pull everything down from your motherboard and keep it for a while without power connection .. better to take it out of case and check the static condition .. return your devices and bios setup to default (leave raid mode for usage) .. use some new USB devices for further check.
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