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Hello, Is Ge Force GT330M - 1GB a good graphic card for Solid Works 2010?
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  1. Depends om how demanding stuff you wanne do.
    I know for other CAD programs they advice a 4xx serie or higher.

    Saw this about slid works ;

    Although SolidWorks is designed to work with any generic graphics card that supports Windows
    (desirable resolution would be 1024x768 or higher with 32K colors or more), a graphics card with
    hardware OpenGL acceleration will provide improved performance, especially in 3D model viewing
    (repaints, spins, zooms and pans). Detailed info on video card support and testing is available at:
    Video cards designed for “gaming” or multi-media applications do NOT offer maximum performance for
    SolidWorks and other 3D CAD applications. Game/multi-media cards are optimized for a low number of
    polygons displayed on the screen, and a high frame rate. CAD applications have essentially the
    opposite requirement, polygon count is high (all the details in your design model) and the image does
    not change rapidly, so high frame rates are not as critical.
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