New build turns on but then off in 2 seconds

Specs :

Msi p67a-g43 b3

Corsair tx750

Gtx 560 ti ( also tested gts 250),

Adata 8 gig RAM. 1333mhz

I5 2500k Sandy bridge

Cooler master hyper

Basically I took apart my new build to install the cooler master and gtx 560 and I put everything back together. When I start my computer up it shuts off in 2 seconds. 2 seconds later it attempts to start up again. All the fans and leds start up and work fine when it does start up. I tested both video cards above and i don't think it is the psu since everything lights up. What could be causing this problem?
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  1. Check to see that nothing is under the board creating a shot. I figure you took the board out to mount the bracket. Also be sure all the standoffs have screws. Another thing to check is the wiring to all the case buttons, usb headers and indicator lights. Make sure nothing has fallen onto the board also (washer or screw).
  2. I remember the same thing on my old Intel 975x board, it never caused any issues and was later fixed with a bios update.

    I also notice some newer boards do it when overclocking to change certain settings, but those boards only do it after the power has been removed from the unit(so if you unplug the computer to clean it, next boot will do that).

    You can try restoring the bios to defaults to see if it helps(i think you have a switch for that on the back by the usb plugs). For me most times it is changing memory multipliers and bus speeds that has caused this(but like i say, only after a power loss).
  3. The computer shuts off before the screen even turns on. I'm going to check the screws and plugs. I didn't plug in the led ones just Tue restart and power switch
  4. All the screws are in but the heatsink does sort of love when i twist it. But i don't think I can fix that since the hole directly under the heat sink is not a screw
  5. The 212 has some play in it, even when installed correctly.

    When the system boots, does it seem stable? How are the temps?
  6. The monitor doesn't even turn on before the system turns off again
  7. So this is an endless loop or is it just on-off-on?
  8. Yes, but there is. Space of 1-2 seconds between each power on and off
  9. Ok, that is not right at all.

    If the board is on off on off on off and so on. I thought you had it just loop once then work as it should.

    Your best bet will be to remove the board from the case and only leave the cpu/fan/1 stick of memory and a video card(you will need the board on the edge of its box or a table sitting on the plastic bag it came in for the video card to fit since it will hang power then the board).

    So with just those basic parts and a power supply, see what it does. If it gets to the bios screen, you should first as said above, check for shorts, ensure all MB standoffs(little brass things the board screws into) are in the right spots in the case before attempting to reassemble.
  10. When you were putting on the CPU fan, did you make sure none of the thermal paste got anywhere other than the CPU chip? I'm assuming you left the chip in the MoB when you were changing the heat sink, so unless you were really rough with it, you shouldn't have damaged it.

    (You said that you tested the GTS 250 and still got the same problem, so I'm assuming your problem is with your CPU.) Have you double checked that your fan is plugged in? Also, you might double check that you have all the power cables hooked up and none of them are loose.
  11. I started from scratch 3 times already trying to make this thing work. nothing has worked so tomorrow I'm bringing my computer to a shop so they are able to factor out the problem since I don't have another computer laying around to test individual parts. I'm going to a small local business but if I don't feel comfortable with the place I might bring it to best buy for geek squad since there are nit many repair places around. Is geek squad reliable?
  12. I am having the same issues with my M2A-VM but its been in the system for a couple of years and have only just finished installing a fresh system on it last night. Power it and this morning its started cycling....

    Did you get yours resolved?
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