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so i had to replace a light twitch in my room so i turned off the breaker without unplugging my computer from the power strip. after i turned the breaker back on my power supply starting buzzing

so heres my questions:
do i have to replace the power supply, and will it mess up any other hardware?

my computer it booting fine, everything is normal, there is just an annoying buzzing coming from the psu

i have the cooler master silent pro 800w 80+ gold rated
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  1. That means a coil is just buzzing! There is no harm in that and it will not damage your system at all. You will get used to it!
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    You could try and unplug your power supply from the back of the computer and then while it has no power, press the power button on your case to empty all the capacitors.(You computer may start up for a split second, that's normal)this should drain all the energy from the component that is buzzing, then you plug your computer back in and turn it on. If it didn't stop, you could always try and power down your computer and turn the breaker again. Hope this helps :)
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