Help me waste my bonus check and buy stuff I don't at all need!

I'm in one of those horrible want-to-spend moods because I got a decent bonus but I can't decide what the hell to buy from my computer. Give me ideas please, or tell me I'm a dumbass and that I can't really get anything else.

Here's what I have right now.
CPU: 2500k
RAM: 8GB of whatever's in the OP. More than I need.
GPU: Reference Sapphire HD6950 flashed to 6970 unlocked shaders
HDDs: 2x SSD. One 120GB that's almost full and a 60 gig that has about 20 gigs left. Also, 2x 2 TB Green Drives for media storage and a 500 GB 7200RPM drive for Excess games that don't fit on the SSDs.
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212+. Plenty good enough, I get stable 4.5 GHz OC
Case: Coolermaster HAF 922. Plenty good enough I think.
PSU: OCZ StealthXStream 2 700W I have no idea why I bought this, especially since it's not modular but I don't see myself needing anything better for now
Monitors: 3x LG 2353 23" 1920x1080 Monitors. I got these from work for cheap, otherwise I wouldn't be using three monitors.
Motherboard: Asus P8P67 Pro
Mouse: G9x
KB: G15
Headset: Sennheiser PC350
Speakers: Logitech Z-2300. I've had these forever and they seem to work.

I tried to dip into Eyefinity despite it being a stupid gimmick but I did definitely find a GPU bottleneck. This was a few months ago and I dunno if driver support has improved but it definitely wasn't adding much to the experience. That being said, if there's more games that support it I'm almost tempted to buy another GPU but I think I'll need another power supply which seems like a giant waste of money. I've also almost filled up my media HDDs but it seems like harddrive prices have still stayed in the skyrocket high price from where they were 6-7 months ago.

The only thing I can see a possible upgrade for is the sound system, I've got a room to myself [office area] that I could setup a surround sound system for but I don't know much about computer audio at all. I'm also not opposed to just not spending money but the child in me wants to spend some money.
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