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Hi everyone,

I have an intel i7 3820 (LGA 2011) and I just purchased the CM Hyper 212+. I requested online the LGA 2011 bracket adapter, but it's still pending and may take a few days.. I was just wondering (I'm a bit impatient), is it possible that my CM already included the bracket? I read in their website that the bracket is available to those who purchased the cooler before the inclusion of the bracket in the product.. since I purchased it a couple of days ago, then maybe it's already with me.

The thing is that I wouldn't be able to distinguish it. Did anyone bought this cooler with the LGA 2011 bracket inside? Did you get two brackets or just one? I see from the pictures that the one I got looks pretty much the same as that of the EVO, which supports LGA 2011. However I found no instructions..

Anyway.. I don't want to try if I'm not sure, but if this really fits then I can build my system right now :)

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  1. Can you not just line up the bracket with the holes on the mobo and find out?
  2. The bracket seems to fit perfectly in the motherboard holes but still I'm not sure, I don't want to mess up something..
  3. If it fits perfectly on the motherboard I think you'll be fine. But I'm not too sure if Cooler Master has changed their bracket design so it's compatible with all sockets since it's been quite some time since the release of the Evo and LGA2011.

    My bad, I misread your post...My 212+ (Got it back in June last year) only came with one bracket (well duh, mocchan, LGA 2011 wasn't out by then :lol: ). Does the bracket 'click' into place for the 2011 position? Or can it easily move back into a different position?
  4. I've also found that the holes for installing the backplate first are "filled" (i.e. there is some sort of layer). Should I just put the screws and make the hole? Seems that the socket already has some kind of backplate. I'm completely new at this!
  5. dedekind said:
    I've also found that the holes for installing the backplate first are "filled" (i.e. there is some sort of layer).

    I'm sorry I'm a tad bit confused at this part. Do you mean the back plate that comes with the 212+? Or some screws that goes into the back plate that's already on the motherboard so you can screw in the bracket?

    I've had a long day, so excuse me :sweat:
  6. Thanks for your replies, no problem! Tired here as well :)

    I mean: to install the backplate that comes with the 212+, I should use the motherboard holes.. but these are "filled". I guess you have to be familiar with this 2011 socket. The holes are somehow incorporated into the socket, and are threaded.

    I guess I don't really need the backplate, given that the socket already supports the heatsink/fan as it comes. The only issue would be whether the screws fit into the holes in the socket. I guess this may be the issue, and I'm about to check right now.

    In case they do fit, should I also use the bolts and then screw the bracket on these, or I just screw the bracket on the socket? If I use the bolts then I suppose the heatsink would be too far from the CPU.
  7. Oh! That's what you meant, thanks for clearing that up :)
    Yes, I'm aware that the 2011 socket has threads on the back plate, so the one that comes with the 212+ is not needed. If you can fit the bolts that came with the 212+ in the holes, you can give it a try and see if the heatsink will make contact with the CPU when it's screwed in, but judging from this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DkbT8Efo3U (around 7 mins) you'll see that the bolts look nearly identical to the ones that come with the 212+, and I'm assuming that they are. There's also a "LGA 2011 kit" that comes with it, that has shorter bolts. I'm suspecting that if you use the bolts that came with your 212+, the heatsink won't make contact with your CPU, so it's best to wait until your kit arrives :)
  8. Yeah, I guess I'll just wait. Would like to get it soon though :)
  9. dedekind said:
    Yeah, I guess I'll just wait. Would like to get it soon though :)

    Oh yeah hopefully soon! I bet you're getting antsy :lol:

    Best of luck an have fun! :)
  10. Thanks :)

    Has anyone here ordered the bracket from cooler master so that I know how long could it take?

    If it takes too long I'm thinking of just buying one at new egg.. it's just 6 bucks
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