Current replacement for 9800 GTX?

My EVGA GeForce 9800 GTX just died after three years of service, and I'd like to replace it with a modern equivalent. Can anyone recommend a comparable modern card? I don't really need the new top-of-the-line, as I'm looking to just get my computer back to where it was before the thing broke, so any budget suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

As an example, I'm currently looking at the Fermi 440, which is under $100. The specs actually look better than the GTX 9800, but I don't know how those specs translate to real life.

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  1. ur 9800gtx is 512mb or 1gb??

    if you want to replace then go for gts 450 bcz it has dx11,physx,ddr5 ram perfect for gaming in low budget

    cost not more then 120$
  2. i won't suggest anything before knowing your FULL specs, first... :)
  3. Look at this, don't think you'll be happy with the 440 ;

    At least go for something like this ; but even that won't be the same performance as the 9800.
    Best would be something like these ; or even better
  4. Well when i was tyoing you posted it so i didn't know that you allready linked that. :kaola: And no the 460 is only 120 with rebate . . . .The 6770 isn't much of an upgrade, in fact it's slower. 5770 would be the best choice imo, better than the 9800 and excatly100 bucks.
  5. :whistle:
  6. Thanks for that link, it proves me right i think.
  7. Yeah and when you oc the 5770 it will be faster again. No point in making such oc tricks.
    Anyway, the amd 2.1 might even not work with the mobo, so ; safest and fastest is the 460. ( worth the extra 20 imo )
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. If it makes any difference I'm running a Q9450 on an EVGA 790I MB with a 650-watt power supply.
  9. What is your PSU exactly? brand? model?
    That CPU should be fine to handle any single graphic card, don't worry about that... :)
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