No intake on case, should I be ok?

Hey everyone, I had a bit of a issue i was hoping someone could help me with. I have an Asus essentio 1630-80 and I just ordered a new graphics card and PSU for it ( the ones that came with it are LOW end) Any way I was looking around inside my PC and I noticed that I really dont have any intake air flow.

There are 3 fans inside the PC, one rear middle, one rear top (psu) and one on the MOBO facing the Side panel vent. The weird part is that looking inside the case i noticed there is a maufactured spot with screw holes and a grill cover, for a 80mm fan, on the bottom front of the case.

The problem with that is, 1, theres no fan, and 2, the front of the case is covered with a plastic front panel that has NO vent holes anywhere, rendering the intake useless. As of right now my PC runs very cool, considering its stock, with a 300w psu and only intergraded graphics. However im worried that after I install my new PSU and Graphics card, its going to need some sort of intake air.

What's everyones thoughts on this? Im not really sure if this is actually something i should be worried about or not. Will it be fine? should i add a 120mm fan facing out the side vent to help expell more heat ( still no intake air by doing this however), and I cant really make the side panel the intake if I add a fan because of the MOBO fan blowing out that direction correct?

I'm upgrading to a 500W psu and a HD 7750 incase you guys need to know, any thoughts would be great, thanks in adance!
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    Considering it has a top mounted PSU, and the 7750 shouldn't produce too much heat, I think you'll be fine. I had a similar concern when I put a HD6670 in an HP case a year or so back. I had also upgraded the PSU then so I essentially had a 135MM Exhaust fan at the top of the case, and 80MM fan to help expel more heat as well. The case had small grills all around which provided some fresh air (Negative air pressure inside the case I think, since all were exhaust, air would naturally come inside the case).

    If you do run into some issues later on, however (which I highly doubt), it's as easy as leaving the side panel off so the components can get fresh air :)
  2. Awesome thank you, I feel better now haha, this is my first real build so Im a little worried about messing stuff up :)
  3. No problem! Have fun and I wish you the best of luck :D
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