How does processor speed relate to ram?

My prehistoric pc is a Compaq Presario SR1917CL. Crucial recommended 2GB kit (1GBx2) DDR PC3200 • CL=3 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR400 • 2.6V • 128Meg x 64 • • Part #: CT1581531
for RAM upgrade. I believe it's a 184-Pin. My dinosaur has a 2.20GHz AMD Anthlon 64 Processor. I want to know is this the absolute best I can do as far as RAM or is there a better option? Also... Will it cause any major issues if I double the order and replace the two RAM cards(256MB DDR 400MHz CL3) currently being used by my dinosaur? I suppose because the processor speed is 2.20GHz, I want to pressume that I could find find that number in RAM title or description? Can you tell I am an amateur at this? lol
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  1. I would just upgrade the entire thing or buy a whole new desktop if you don't build your systems, there are a lot of cheap pre-built systems out there that are worlds better then what you have currently.

    You can find 1GB and even a 2GB kit of DDR memory on Newegg, but they're pretty expensive, with memory the older it gets the more expensive and harder to find. Don't worry about memory speed, worry about actually storage. So if you can afford spending at least $20 on a 1GB stick then go for it:
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