Gonna upgrade, need some help.

Hello and thanx in advance.

I am currently using a core i5 cpu 760@2.80 Ghz , mb Gb GA-P55A-UD5 , 4gb ram , GeForce gtx 460 , wd 1tb bc
I am using the comp mostly for graphic design and thinking to upgrade memory up to 16gb 2x8 corsair vengeance 1600 (cl10 i guess :3) and a samsung ssd 840 pro. I ve read so many things about sata 6gb slots and marvel ones that my mb has and am totally confused . I would appreciate if someone can get a look on my mb http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3237#dl and let me know about memory compatibility or differences and if it worth keeping this mb along with the new ssd etc.

Thanx again.
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  1. What RAM do you have now (speed)?
    Your CPU's memory controller supports up to 1333MHz RAM so your system will underclock DDR3-1600 due to CPU limitation.

    You do have a 64-bit OS right?
    If not, the most you can have installed that your OS will use anyhow is 4GB.


    Try that RAM, installed in the two white slots. The max supported RAM in that board is 16GB but I don't see anything that says each slot can only see 4GB. If that were the case, you'd need 2 individual 8GB (2 x 4GB) kits in parallel.

    The Samsung 840 will work fine in either of the two white SATA ports, they're the Marvell 6GB/s connectors.
  2. Hey there thanx for reply , am using windows 7 64 ultimate and 4gr 1333mhz atm ..

    So i cant use 1600 ones?:/ Wanted to buy 2x8 so i can keep em for a later mb upgrade...

    If i ll get the 1600 ones would be a problem if working undercloak?

    So i kinda need both mb and cpu replaced? :3

    Any recomendation on mb with native sata intel controller and a cpu to upgrade?

    Thanx again ...
  3. Well I didn't say you can't get 1600, but it won't run at 1600.
    The memory controller on the CPU will control what speed the system uses memory at, so if that CPU says 1333, that is what speed it will run at.

    With such a low budget graphics card, you're kind of going backwards in terms of an upgrade here. When building a gaming system, most people get the best CPU and graphics card and then fill in with what they can afford. 16GB of RAM is way more than even some of the more beefy gamers use and if you spend money on a new board/CPU your 460 will be a huge performance drain.

    What's your budget for upgrading?
    Depending on whether you plan to overclock your CPU I can recommend a board/CPU, and possibly new graphics card.
  4. Thanx again , my main use of this comp is for graphic design Adobe suit etc, dont really care about games anymore ,

    Thought that the card is still decent for my use same for cpu (am still on 3 year warranty ,and paid like 1k euro back there, am from Greece), thats why i looked up for memory / ssd upgrade.

    Was thinking to go for an i-mac but i alrdy own a nice Display and the mac mini seems that ll get me some headaches in future too.

    Case here is a friend cmin from usa and i have the chance to get some amazon.com better offers.

    Dont really have a budget in my mind i just want a stable comp as it is with better performance (memory , ssd wise tho its the case)

    I would really apreciate your consulting on what i should do ..
  5. If not gaming, then you could try first throwing in the RAM I recommended.
    An SSD will help, although your outdated motherboard doesn't have the kind of ports that support the latest and fastest SSD's out there but you'd still see a bit of an upgrade in overall speed of your system (assuming you do a fresh install of OS on the SSD and make current drive a 2nd for data files).

    Even though your motherboard doesn't have SATAIII ports, I'd still get a SATAIII SSD so eventually if you do upgrade your board, you'll already have the right drive...I'd go with this...


    Before you buy the SSD though, do a quick check of your current Local Disk (C:) to see how much space you're using. If you can figure out what portion of that is media files (pics/vids/music), subtract that and you'll know how big of a drive you'll need for OS and applications. Everything else should go on a 2nd drive. SSD's (like any hard drive, really) perform best when not filled close to capacity.

    Any other questions?
  6. I think you covered me in all matters .

    One last questions tho and am done. What mb/cpu/graphic card you recommend for a near future upgrade.. (dont include memory / disks / psu )

    Thanx again for your time.
  7. Well, here's the thing....
    If you go and buy 1333 RAM now for current setup, you're not setting yourself up now for good upgradeability. If you're thinking of upgrading anytime soon, I'd just go for DDR3-1600 and let the system underclock it for now and eventually go with the 3570K with the ASUS Z77-V LK or ASROCK Z77 Extrem4 mobo...GPU depends on budget ($300 range get 7950, $400 get 7970).
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