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GPU Fan not working properly

Nvidia XFX GeForce 8600 GT (no overclocking)
About 3 years old

My GPU fan is not working properly for sometime. GPU temperature is at about 85C (idle). The fan rotates about 5-10 degrees every 5 seconds (technically 0 but maybe the fan isn't dead?). I have cleaned all the dust from the heatsink, but the problem still persists.

What might be the problem? Oiling, fan replacement? If the fan needs to be replaced, what technical details do I need to buy a new fan for my card?
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    hi Healy,

    Your fan sounds like it is in trouble... If you have cleaned the dust out, find the fan connector on the GPU board. Check to make sure that it is plugged in all the way. If it is, try some software (like MSI afterburner) to adjust the fan speed to see if it responds.

    If the connector is properly connected, and it is clean and and still doesn't respond, you will need a new fan.

    I will have to check to see what kind of fan you would need
  2. Hey blade061188,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I tried using RivaTuner to adjust Fan speed, but to no avail. I will try MSI Afterburner.

    The connector is properly connected. Also, I can rotate the fan freely with my finger (it's not obstructed in any way). It rotates about 10 degrees, stops, and after about 5-6 seconds does the same. On a related note, for some reason the 'Nvidia Control Panel' has stopped working. When I launch it, it just crashes. I remember using it some time back.

    I will have to check to see what kind of fan you would need

    My Motherboard: Intel 946GZIS
  3. The motor for the fan is probably shot.

    After looking around a little bit, there I don't see a simple fan replacement. It looks like you would have to replace the whole heatsync. Replacing the heatsync probably isn't very cost effective given the age of the card. You might be better off replacing it.

    What do you use the PC for?
  4. Thank you for your time.
    What do you use the PC for?

    Many things (which don't require the card) but I need the card for gaming. At the moment, I am doing well without the it (removed). But I am going to need it in a month or so. I will try oiling it as well as using MSI Afterburner and post back here.

    Can the crashing of Nvidia Control Panel be related to my problem in any way?

    BTW, this video shows the heatsink and fan I have, if that is of any help to you.
  5. Yea, cleaning and oiling the motor shaft might free up the fan to spin again.

    You'll have to take it apart and see what you can do.

    I don't think the control panel crashing would cause the fan behavior you are describing, however, if it is crashing it should be removed and re-installed anyway.
  6. I will do that and reply in two days. Thank you once again.
  7. No problem,

    Let me know if/when you get it working.
  8. Do Not oil the fan. Today's fans are made with sealed bearings and sleeves. Oil will scatter as a result of the fan rotation and get to places you don't want it. What you describe is a fan gone bad, not uncommon. Contact XFX, they have a life warranty.Send it for repair and ask about a trade upgrade offer.
  9. Thank you DogSnake.

    The problem is that such services don't exist, where I live. Literally.

    Today's fans are made with sealed bearings and sleeves

    My card is very old (about 5-6 years). Should I try oiling the shaft? If no, what options do I have other than buying a new card? Would a generic 80mm cooling fan on top of the GPU work?
  10. If the heatsync/fan you have is the same as the one in the video you posted, why not try what the guy in the video does?

    It seemed to work for him.
  11. Quote:
    If the heatsync/fan you have is the same as the one in the video you posted, why not try what the guy in the video does?

    It seemed to work for him.

    Yes, I am going to take my card to a repair shop to see whether they can do anything about it cause I don't have the tools required or the bearings. Pretty sad.

    Any advice/suggestion on using a generic cooler fan on the GPU?
  12. I would just search newegg for vga coolers.

    This is one of them that I found for cheap:
    or maybe this
  13. Nice. Thanks again. I appreciate the help.

    I'll see if I can get those at my local store. I'll post back soon.
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  15. Hey healy i have one of yours GPU and i am facing the same problem.Did you find any solution for this
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