2x8g or 4x4g?

Building a new rig and came across some guy saying that 4x4g would be better than 2x8g. I always thought it was about the same. Was wanting some outside input.

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  1. Hi,
    If the board does support 8GB per slot, I'd go with 2x8 GB.
    Some reference: http://www.corsair.com/en/blog/corsair-memory-upgrade-resource-guide-2010/
  2. no way to choose the 2x8!a good advise for picking ram is to know that as many rams so the better!every ram issue the tasks!more rams are dealing with more tasks in very little time!

    so the more the better!
  3. check your motherboard spec, some older one don't work with 8GB
  4. if your running a LGA 2011 board then yes the 4x4 would be better as you will get quad channel. If its LGA 1155 board then it doesnt matter as you will only get dual channel.

    For overclocking they both have their issues:

    4 sticks are harder to overclock then 2, normaly need more volts when all 4 slots are populated.

    4gb sticks are easier to overclock then 8gb sticks.

    I normaly go 2x4gb since gaming doesnt really need anything over 8 gb.
  5. Go with 2x8GB. Leaves room for improvement (should you ever need more) and uses less power.

    I've personally had issues with going from 2 sticks to 4 sticks, having to use lower clocks/timings for 4 sticks. (from the extra power I guess)
  6. I would go with 2 x 8GB, thinking of future upgrade possibility. If you ever think of maxing the memory in future then all the 4 x 4GB modules would go waste.
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