Black Ops stuttering with brand new GTX 560ti

I used to play Call of Duty Black Ops with a BFG--Tech GTX 285, and it played fine at relatively high settings. Irecently upgraded to a GTX 560ti in preparation for the release of Skyrim. All of my other games run flawlessly at even the highest settings with this new card, but Black Ops- no matter what I set my textures, resolution, or any other video settings to- likes to lag and sputter. It does this as soon as enemies come into view, or at random while moving and shooting. It's so bad that the game is almost unplayable.

I'm almost certain it's not a video card problem, as the game runs smoothly at max graphics, with the occasional sudden sputter whenever I'm shooting or close to other players. It's not lag or high latency either, I run a smooth 72 ms.

Couldn't possibly be RAM, I run 3x 2GB sticks in triple-channel, and RAM/CPU never go above 75%. Processor is Core i7 920.

I have Direct-X 11 and newest drivers. Anybody else experience this, or have a similar situation?

Any help would be awesome. I've tried the many fixes found online (the ones that were posted not a month after the game came out), up to and including re-installing Black Ops, defragmenting the drives, disabling background services, setting BlackOps to high priority, even altering the config files to use the multi-core i7.

Again, system specs are as follows-

Win Vista Home Premium 64 bit SP1
Intel Core i7 920 Bloomfield
EVGA nVidia GTX 560ti
3xPatriot 2GB RAM, running triple channel @ 1667mhz
Velociraptor 300GB 10,000RPM hard drive
EVGA x58 3x SLI mobo
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  1. I remember playing Black OPS and having BSODs and crashes with my HD 6950, and i figured out it's the game itself. Don't even worry.
  2. Any advice would be useless since you're running all the other games just fine, once i had to install win XP to play NFS HP3, with no way it didn't un on Win7 64 or 32, kept getting crashes and blank screens.
  3. hmmm... so it's basically a software error with BlOps, and I'm pretty much shafted?

    Guess it's good that MW3 just came out... if it has the same problems tho, me and Activision are gonna have some words. This card rocks F:NV, ES4: Oblivion, Just Cause 2, and anything else I have at maximum settings.... but BlackOps is unplayable, even in Combat Training. Lame.
  4. GTX 560Ti is comparable to HD 6950, i max out most of all my games @ 1080P, even in BF3 i got ranged between 41-58 FPS with my GPU OCed to 920/1375.
    Black OPs is maxed out easily even with HD 5770
  5. did you update the patch already? i had stuttering too. but disappeared when i updated the patch.
  6. lols im guessing he updated drivers and patched.

    This is a game specific problem that might get more attention on black ops forums (I cant keep up with who makes this game anymore)

    here is a link to another thread with similar peril:

    a better solution may be to throw COD in the friggin garb and bust open some bf3 awesome sauce...haha jk, I know some people are just into the COD style. cheers
  7. I had the same problems and it ended up being the Steam client , what you can do is make sure you have updated all the patches frm steam and if that had already been done then delete steam and reload and when it asks to delete everything say yes to everythinf and reload fresh. It seemed to help me when I had the same situation.
  8. Only thing you can really do now as a user is a clean install of the drivers. There's a very specific way to do this, and should be done every time you install a new card, even if it's the same brand like nvidia/amd.

    - First off you must disable Windows automatic updates so that it doesn't grab and install a driver for you. Or you can simply disconnect from the internet, but if you do, make sure to grab a flesh copy of the driver you need, and a updated copy of DriverSweeper.
    - Then disable any antivirus software, and disable any gpu related programs like EVGA Precision/MSI Afterburner.
    - Return your card to stock speeds if you have overclocked it.
    - To uninstall go to control panel then add/remove programs and remove everything Nvidia that isn't the Driver itself. So Physx, 3d Vision, updater, etc. (Except chipset drivers if you have an Nvidia chipset, these will usually be labeled nForce)
    - Now in add/remove you can finally remove the driver itself
    - Go to your driver folders C:/NVIDIA/ and delete DisplayDriver folder.
    - Reboot into safe mode by hitting F8 during post, and choosing Safe Mode. Don't choose with networking if you're still connected to the internet.
    - Windows at this point will auto install a generic vga driver, that's normal.
    - Run Driver Sweeper and select anything Nvidia Display or Physx
    - Reboot into windows normally
    - Run the new driver you dled earlier, do NOT choose express install ever. Hit Custom install. Uncheck everything but Physx, unless you have a 3d vision setup, then leave 3d vision checked. Make sure HD Audio is unchecked, as well as updater.
    - Once it's done installing, don't do anything but reboot once more.
    - Now you're done and shouldn't have any Driver related issues that could stem from a dirty install. This recently fixed my problem with my 560 ti hawks in sli, hape it fixes yours too.
  9. thanks for the input folks, I'm going to give a few of your suggestions some tries.

    For the record, I never did use driver sweeper before installing the new drivers for my card, but I have re-downloaded Black Ops and re-installed it through Steam... never thought to uninstall Steam itself, but that seems a bit excessive. Everything in Steam is set to automatically keep any game up to date, so it pretty much downloads updates whether I want it to or not, so I know everything should be as modern as it can get...
  10. What you should consider is than there's no problem with the GPU, try the game fixes recommended above and you're good to go.
  11. 2 problems with your method, Lucuis-
    I can't uninstall everything nVidia, because it won't let me without restarting before I get to the actual graphics driver, and when I restart it just re-installs it all again.

    Plus, I have nVidia HD Audio installed now, so if I uninstall it, wouldn't I want to check it in the custom install for the new driver?
  12. @none

    The windows installs the WDM (Windows Driver Mode) so you should re-apply the installation of the nVidia drivers normally.

    If you express install the pack from nividia it installs everything, and sometimes it lets you choose whether to install it or not during the installation.

    Or you can customize and install what you want, nVidia Audio driver it might be related to the HDMI Audio.
  13. Ok, went through and re-installed everything after uninstalling/driversweeping. Still getting the same exact problem, it's almost definitely software issues because I ran Black Ops at maximum graphics, 1920x1200, and it runs fine, except for the stupid stuttering while looking at enemies. Once the Steam forums open back up, I'm going to try my hand there. Thanks again everyone, but I think I need to go to the source...
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