Just a newb, assuming too much... HELP

So I have an idea, and i need your wisdom. I might have bitten off a bit more than my limited knowledge can chew... So I am headed to afghanistan, and I have offered to run the internet there. Now from that statement that sounds like a lot, however, it will only be about ten or so, on a sat. I am currently figuring which sat I am going to take over. Now I have a rig I have built, and it has a decent integrated network "card". Therefore I bought a wireless card:D-Link DWA-556 PCI Express Xtreme Desktop Adapter
Item #: N82E16833127218. I now need to know what i need to obtain to get the signal from the sat. to the other 9 comp, and allow a raid that i have built internally accessable from the network. If i can add security, however I am paying out of pocket for this, so any assistance would be great. Thanks again guys. The guys on these forums, are great, and have been such a help so far. ohhhh my os is windows 7
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  1. So let me see if I understand correctly,
    You have a satellite internet connection, that connects to one computer (the one you built) and you want that computer to wirelessly share internet to the other 10 or so people/devices?

    Do you know how the satellite connects to the computer? USB, eathernet, other?

    If it is Ethernet, I would forget about you computer sharing internet to the other people. You can do it, but it is complicated and more trouble then it is worth in my opinion. Just get a wireless router, and plug the sat enet connection to the WAN port of the router. That will give you security. and share internet, to everyone with in 100-300 feet of the router
  2. It is all ethernet. It is not set up on any computer right now. I just built mine, and i will be "running" the internet for the other nine. It will all have to be ethernet. In all honesty, we will have all the cat 6 you can ask for, thanks to our supply. I am in the army, so we are required to make it ethernet, in afghanistan. We are not allowed to have a wireless. That is my issue, i start with a modem, then.... i am lost. I dont know whether or not i need a hub, or what. I just need to get 10 total people acess to the internet, and hopefully share my raid with them...
  3. Ahh ok then, You just need a non wireless router (or a wireless router and just turn the wireless part off) and then a switch, most routers usually come with a built in 4 port switch, and you just need a 8 port switch, 1 port on the router and 1 port on the switch will be taken up when you add the switch, so you are left with 3 ports on the router and 7 on the switch. that might cut it close, so maybe go for a 16 port switch.

    If you are just going to be using internet with the switch I would recommend a 10/100Mbps switch. If you are going to be sharing media or gaming as well, I would recommend a 10/100/1000 switch. But they are expensive. especially for 16 ports you are looking at over $100 for one of those.
    here is a 10/100 16 port switch

    You might also consider looking at a surplus. I got a few 24 port switches 10/100 for like $10-$20. just make sure they are all 10/100 sometimes only 2 ports are 100 and others are 10. Networking equipment prices drop drastically as soon as it is labeled USED.

    I have been using a dedicated computer as my router at home so I can't recommend a router for you. just look at reviews and see what people are saying about them.
    If you have an old computer with 2 network cards in them, You can look at Untangled.
    that is what I use as a router. And it is free. (as long as you have a extra computer.)
  4. I suspect the worst issue you'll come across is the speed of satellite -- it's not like cable or DSL at home. Once you start sharing that, of course the bandwidth available to each user is likely to be poor.
  5. You don't want to use ICS for more than a few users. XP has a limit of how many users can connect to the computer. Your best solution is to find out what type of modem the sattelite has connected to it and get a router that will work with it.

    You can get a router with a USB port attached to it to share a hard drive off so you don't even need to have a shared folder on the PC. Something like this,, then you need a switch to move the signal to the other computers.
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    Good questions - and good answers. I helped ya with the RAID, so I'll help here as well.

    I'd get a good wireless router and configure it to disable the wireless. Wired routers that aren't business quality ($$$) are @$#@ these days.

    You'll need another switch to connect as many computers as you want. Gigabit is preferred to reduce latency, but isn't required. 10/100 will be just fine for the price/performance you're looking for.

    As for sharing the volume we conceived earlier, just use windows 7 to share the folder and give permissions for the other computers.
  7. If your primary reason is to share content from your computer you'd probably want gigabit speeds, especially if multiple people would be accessing the files on your computer simultaneously. Of course everyone would need a gigabit capable nic, but at the very least your computer should have a gigabit capable nic since it would be acting as a server for the other 9 users.

    If your primary reason is to share the satellite connection and occasionally share your files on your computer I hope you understand how slow that's going to be. Most satellite connections are barely faster than dial up, divide that by 9 and...well, you can see what I'm getting at right?

    You might want to spend a little more for a switch with QOS features so you can at least give yourself higher bandwidth priority....make the rest of them wait since it's your connection :kaola:
  8. And this is why i love these forums. I can go away for a few days, and have a baby, and you guys worked it out. Man i Appreciate the advice guys, and yes it will be a primary internet, with sharing secondary. Sat internet isnt that slow when your in the middle of the desert, and you cant call home to your wife and kid!!!! Anyway if anyone happens to come across a "good wireless router", so i can configure it for my connection, and a switch with "QOS", let me know the more moderately priced the better, but to get quality, you have to pay for quality....

    PS I didnt have the baby the wife did... just to make that clear
  9. Congrats on the new addition. I always told my wife that I'd have the kids so that we could get some $$$ for the accomplishment.

    Most any of the routers feature some form of QOS, and those that do will say so. The switch doesn't use QOS to help, and if you get a gigabit switch, it won't matter much anyway.

    QOS helps prioritize what traffic goes out over the Sat, and using that connection QOS will help much more than say a cable or DSL modem. Post some models you find and see what people think of them. I've got all of this functionality built into my linux server, and I haven't used a dedicated router since 2004.
  10. Thank you someone.... that sounds odd I know. Anyway, I appreciate it everyone. I learn so much from you guys that sometimes it sneaks up on me, in mid conversation with someone else... I say something you all suggested, or I bring up a point you all made, and before I know it, I made sence. Thank you all
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