Bios 2.10 Z60 Extreme7 Gens3 issue

Hey all,

I'm in the middle of an upgrade from my current 775 system, the motherboard I bought was meant to be flashed to the 2.10 bios how ever it was not and sadly trying to use my IVY bridge cpu failed.

I took it in to the local PC shop to get them to flash it for me how ever they called me saying there was an issue with the bios in that it does not recognize the bios when they go to flash. Apprently the file does not have the correct extension of .rom it shows as Z68E7G32.10

After Googling apparently a number of people have had this issue just no one has posted a reply on how to fix it?

Any thoughts?
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  1. Hi,
    Not sure about the issue. If using a programmer, it should work.
    Here's the download site from ASrock:
    However, the BIOS chip is on socket and can be easily replaced. You can order one from ebay ( or other).
  2. looks like you put the file on a faT32 usb stick and let the mb flash rom updater read and update the mb.
  3. Well it was all solved and the system is now working like a charm, I'm currently on it right now.
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