Time to retire the old Seasonic ss-600ht?

I bought this PSU 2nd hand 6 years ago, bundled with a lian li case. I usually buy a new PSU for a new setup, but this has been through 3 builds so far Regardless age this thing just keeps going - it has no trouble coping with GPU/CPU stress testing and has been rock solid despite running for 24/7 most of the time.

Anwyays, the other day I was at a local market and was lucky enough to get a very sweet deal on an Antec VP550P PSU (never used - 5 bucks!). It has nearly double the amperage on the 12v rails compared to the seasonic (2 x 18a vs 2 x 30a) so I was surprised to learn it's a "budget" PSU when I got home...

Fired it up with an old PC and it's working fine... I was going to keep it as a spare, but am tempted to replace ye olde high end faithful with this new entry level model. The seasonic has more heatsinking, is heavier and obviously a better quality build... But given the respective age gap and the superior 12v rail amperage on the antec I am thinking swapping them out might be a good idea.

What do you guys reckon?

Intel i5 750
8GB DDR3 1333
HD 6870 GPU
MSI GD-65 Mobo
1 x HDD / 1 x SDD
2 x Optical Drives


Seasonic: 12v 1 = 18a | 12v 2 = 18a (12v 432w max load)
Antec: 12v 1 = 30a | 12v 2 = 30a (12v 540w max. load
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  1. if it aint broken , don't attempt to fix it, or at least thats how the saying goes... you could maybe use the seasonic on a lower end build and have both PSU's running nicely.

  2. Thanks for your advice Lutfiji! I like that saying too :)

    The Seasonic is within tolerance (about 30a should be fine for my system) but I do worry it's going to fail on me unexpectedly and potentially cause damage elsewhere when it does. I use to rotate PSUs quite often, so in all my years of PC building I've yet to have one die on me due to age related failure...

    Do they usually cause other hardware failure when biting the dust?
  3. :D :lol: i have first hand experience of a PSU bitting and spitting out dust and calling it a day :P

    if its a quality built PSU, they usually go out silently without much of a fuss except for a rig that won't power up. If you have an el-cheapo psu then it actually takes out anything hooked upto it. Goes out with a blue plume of smoke and a bang. Then the rig is gone to a speciall place with gardens all aorund :P

    sorry for the joke. I actually lost a good amount of hardware cos of a bad psu. so never skimp out on it. research and review - then pull trigger :)

    like i mentioned before, if your worried about its load capacity, take a kill-a-watt meter and measure. Then have the old psu running on an HTPC rig tahs running on mim wattage...like onbaord gpu and "green" spec'd drives :) - or thas how would've pursued it.
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