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  1. Nice case choice, i know buddy with the exact case. Yes a H100 will fit as long as there is a spacing for two 120MM fans. as far as clearance you should still be ok.
  2. really you like the case. okay...
  3. I've got a different case (600T) but was a bit disappointed that with the motherboard so close to the roof there wasn't enough room for the H100 and the fans in push configuration - the heat sink from my ASRock Extreme 4 gets in the way.

    Looks like you may have similar issues - although I admit I haven't seen this case up close, but your Sabertooth profile is pretty high on the top edge.

    Still mounting the fans above the grill in pull configuration still gives me enough airflow and a really tidy looking build.

    Hope it works for you, sounds like the start of a sweet build!
  4. Well, I like the case ye :P..
    But wasnt sure, since it looks like a pretty thick Radiator. And I don't want it to hit my Motherboard. Saw a review where they told me to make sure the cooler fits in my case before I buy it, but I guess it only doesn't fit in cases without double TopExhaust.

    Thnx for the confirms :)
  5. It will not fit. Only if you leave the back of the top panel open, or mod it.
  6. kemperkipie said:

    But wasnt sure, since it looks like a pretty thick Radiator.

    :o :heink: :ouch:
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