hello i have problem blue screen dump memory crash, i have used software , memtest , it say no error, i tried removing each ram and re putting they are all work fine , i used CPU-Z and it say 3 rams plugged in, but still my PC says i have only 4GB out of 6GB ram and when it run as 6GB in 1 or 2 days my PC crush and get back to 4GB ?

i have got i7 pros , GTX 460 , should be 6GB ram , Windows 7 64bits.

as a note some time to get my 6GB working i just open the case and touch the wires and removing and re Assembly them again and it work like charm as 6GB for 2 days.

please help me.
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  1. You probably have different set of cards or cards with different specs. The only thing you can do is try different set of cards in different slots. Try to put the similar set of cards in a single channel as in some motherboards you can set the timings individually.
  2. i bought them as 1 set 3x DDR3 Corsair 2GB ram
  3. as i said now i have removed my rams and plugged them in the other 3 slots my PC didn't work so i basically put them back in the original slots my PC worked with 6GB but i know it will not last more than 2 days and my PC will crash dump memory and get back to 4GB
  4. Also i have updated my BIOS to make sure problem is not from my board
  5. still no help ?
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