First build since ' it game worthy?

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  1. Your MOBO has a decent built-in network card, so you won't need a wifi card.
    IMO, get a non-Modular PSU as it can use its other connectors incase the main one gets ruined. You also might want to link each of those parts to the website.
  2. 1. see if u got a microcenter near u. would save on the processor and mobo...
    2. ur series of psu should be 80 plus bronze but check to be sure if it is. helps bring efficiency when dealing with power running through the system

    overall its a good system for gaming and will play most games on high. as for video work it depends on what ur doing. for instance, adobe uses Nvida Cuda technology to improve workflow (premiere and after effects). i tried it on my 580 and it was alright...
  3. 1.No place close cheaper than newegg was
    2.Originally wanted the vertex 3, but was out of stock when ordered
    3.PSU is bronze

    mostly video conversions nothing major just large file sizes

    1.Needed to add 300mb capable wifi, didn't want to have to run a 50 ft cable
    2.Needed a modular psu to satisfy my OCD in keeping the wiring "clutter-free"
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