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Wanting to upgrade PC

I've been wanting to upgrade my PC for awhile because the dual core just isn't cutting it anymore, not to mention one of my RAM sticks died. However, my socket type is ancient so I must upgrade my Mobo as well - I'm wondering about some (mainly processor, but if you can find a processor and mobo that go nice together....)

I hard-core game, and I want to Stream 1080 to J.Tv - As of right now I record 1080 of basically anything I do. So I'm thinking I'll need a quad core.

As for the mobo all I really want is DDR3 slots (of course. Higher frequency better since I'll likely be buying new RAM.) and atleast 1 PCI e 2.0 for my 560 ti. If it has 2, good since I'd like to go SLI soon.

I need atleast 1 PCI E slot for my sound card also (Accessible, since a lot of mobos have it so close to the video card slot it blocks it.

Mainly I'm just trying to find the best processor - I can find the mobo easy enough once I have the socket type. (Which 1155 looks like it's the trend.) I'm just not sure what cache I'd need, or frequency etc to do 1080 streaming. I know someone who has a 2.6GHZ (3.0GHZ with Boost) i5 quad core who does 1080, but I'm hoping to go more towards 3.2GHZ 6MB Cache, i7 perhaps?

if anyone could explain what the differences are I'd also just browse myself, I just figured someone out there would probably know exactly which one is best.

Price range is 180-300. Mid 200s ideal, since I still have to buy a mobo and RAM.
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  1. Hello KanagiF;

    Have you checked out what hardware others are using to stream 1080p to J.Tv?

    Core i7-2600K $280 @ MicroCenter (in store pickup only)
  2. I've asked a few people, but some of the higher up streamers tend to not reply. A couple forums I checked stated that the 2600K+ series was the one you'd want to do 1080. Which is what I was looking at. But also looking at the person with an i5 doing it. 2600 is what I was aiming for though. Just wasn't sure since I saw an... Intel Aeon, I think it's name was? Had close to same stats but an 8MB cache instead of a 6MB. Also wasn't sure what the Aeon was since I hadn't heard of it before. I assumed a laptop CPU.
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    Xeon is the server version of Intel's CPUs.

    Sandy Bridge versions of
    i5-2500K / i7-2600K and Xeon E3-1240 / Xeon E3-1270

    Main difference between those is the i5-2500K 3.3Ghz $220 has no hyper-threading w/ 6MB L3 cache and Xeon E3-1240 3.3Ghz $266 has hyper threading w/ 8MB L3 cache. All use socket 1155 motherboards.
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