Why wont my asus laptop start up to windows

When I start it up it says windows failed and then asks for a normal startup or a recovery startup and neither work....what the heck is wrong?
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  1. Did you install any new programs, updates, or drivers in the days before this happened?

    Can you start up in safe mode (hold down F8 at startup)?
  2. Hello there, i also have the same problem. I tried starting my Asus laptop, but it won't go start, when it comes to Repair computer or Start Windows Normally, both are not working. When i press Start Windows Normally, it will restart back to same page where Repair Computer or Start Windows. I tried what you say using F8 and press safe mode but it stuck on Class.PNP, and i have no idea at all what is that. Will anyone help me please? Now im using my other laptop.
  3. Try F11 at startup. If you have a recovery partition this will restore the laptop to Factory settings, but you will lose all your personal data.
  4. I don't mind losing my data, but will i need to install all the programs back? Like example (Internet Explorer, Windows 7)? Sorry if i were to ask silly questions but i'm not use to this.
  5. i dont have a recovery partition then what can i do, i have the same problem on my asus k53sv, plz help..
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