Rosewill Blackhawk vs. HAF 922

Hey guys, trying to decide on a case for a new build. Have come down to the HAF 922, or the Rosewill Blackhawk. If anyone with experience with either cases could give me some pro's/con's. I know the blackhawk comes with 5 fans, painted interior, blue interior lighting, and grommets and whatnot for cable management, which has got me leaning in that direction. Also, any other suggestions for mid-size cases would also be great!
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  1. Honestly, if you want black interior, get a Haf 912 advanced. Its about same price. Neither of the cases you listed comes with Interior Lighting its just the bright fans that comes with them that makes them "Glow"
  2. Anything that is not a MainstreamMaster is ok.

    Seriously, Rosewill is a good brand and the Blackhawk case has really nice features for it's price (like a lot of included fans, removable HDD cage, PSU dust filter, ...). Even though for 100 bucks, I'd get the Corsair Carbide 400R, personally. ;)
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    I just built a PC for a friend with an HAF 922, first CoolerMaster case I've used (that I recall anyway, been building for a long time), and I was seriously impressed. The tool-less drives are very well done, and there's one bay configured for a 2.5" drive. The fans are quiet. Cable routing behind the motherboard offered plenty of room, and loops to put zipties through (and about 20 zip-ties included). The interior fans have push buttons to enable/disable the leds if you prefer not to light up the room with your case (I'm pretty sure these were mechanical switches, so they stay off if you want it off).

    Compared to my Thermaltake (forgot the model, but it was definitely more expensive) that I built for myself last year this thing was amazing to work with, one of the cleanest looking builds I've done with pretty minimal effort.

    The one thing I did not like about the case (and I hope I'm remembering the right case here, I've had more than a few open in the past few weeks), is that the side panels are attached by raised sheet metal fingers, where if you try to push the side panel on without it being lined up with the slots, the 'fingers' get pressed down and don't slide into place nicely without being bent back out, for myself, could become a nuisance since my panels come off a lot.

    I can't speak to the other case your looking at, but my experience with the HAF 922 was good enough I almost considered getting a new case for myself (I've grown to hate working on my Tt case).
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