Sapphire 6950 Dirt 3 2 gb edition, 2 different factory numbers?

Can anyone tell me what is the difference between Sapphire 6950 Dirt 3 edition 2gb factory numbers? What difference does it make to the cards?

One is
and the other one is

I've heard people talk that some of 6950 unlock 6970 shader clocks by just pulling the bios switch to the other side. I've also heard that 20G has different packaging (red package with a woman) while 50G has Dirt 3 packaging (blue package with a car). 20G is also usually about 3 euros more expensive.

I have also noticed that the material is different. Compare those two pictures (20G I assume) (50G I assume)

Can someone shed some light on the situation?
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  1. Can anyone see this thread anyway, I don't see it on the graphic cards forum anymore?

    *Update: Sorry for the bump, now I can see the thread again on the list. It just disappeared from the list lol.
  2. Anyone?
  3. One of the cards might have the dual switch BIOS and the other might not, also the part number could refer to different PCB layout or different revisions.
    Better google both.
  4. As far as I know they both have dual switch bios. I tried googling before making this thread, but didn't find any good info.
  5. since they both have the dual BIOS switch, then who cares what's the difference ?

    It might be a PCB revision, or anything else....

    When you purchase ? will you ask for that specific part number ? i guess no.

    So pick anyone as long as it does have a BIOS switch.
  6. Well you never know, there may be some differences...
  7. Mystery is solved! I had written to Sapphire Tech and they answered my question. Here you go folks!

    50G full retail version with all cables including HDMI and dirt3 game

    20G Lite retail version minimal require cables no HDMI and no dirt3 game cards are same model just package difference.

  8. Good to hear.
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