256-bit sdram or 128-bit DDR-sdram

Well i think 256-bit sdram should be the standard not DDR-sdram. Well sdram is at its prime. 256-bit is just as fast as DDR but its a little cheaper too make.

Lets say this:

64-bit DDR geforce2 mx
128-bit sdr geforce2 mx

the 128-bit SDR beats the 64-bit DDR. So 256-bit should be the next thing not 128-bit DDR.

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  1. Ummm... lemme clarify something. DDR does not typically have a 64bit interface. That's JUST on the GF2 MX. If the DDR version of the GF2 MX was 128 bit (like the GF2 GTS, Pro, and Ultra) it would kick ass and perform to close to the GF2 GTS. Almost all DDR is 128 bits- including system memory.

    Also, SDRAM is not in it's prime. It's experiencing severe bottleneck problems with highly clocked processors- that's why RDRAM and DDR were developed. While SDRAM is a major part of DDR, DDR is essential to the future of eliminating bottlenecks.

    -MP Jesse
  2. Yeah but 256-bit SDRAM, Opens the bus wider then DDR-sdram. So ddr-sdram travels faster but 256-bit pipes the info much better.

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  3. Here's the thing. It's not terribly hard or expensive to turn plain old SDRAM into DDR SDRAM these days. So, if 256bit SDRAM does arrive- you can be sure it'll be DDR. Catch my drift? Either way DDR is the future.

    -MP Jesse
  4. the conflict is in the present though...

    I'm looking to build an athlon 800 oc'ed to 1G but i'm in a real bind as to what motherboard to use because of the whole sdram and ddr ram issue. in the begining i was leaning towards just an asus a7v because i wasn't really worried about ddr . but as i read further into the subject, it looks as if ddr is going to be getting much bigger pretty soon. im in a bind! - should i spring for a ddr supported mobo right now, even though its still kinda in its early stages of development or should i just stay with the current sdram stream and then wait for a long while before i get another mobo, and by then the ddr ram will be in full swing.... any suggestions?
  5. If you go the SDR path, get an Athlon Thunderbird-C (133Mhz FSB (double-pumped to an effective 266MHz FSB)) and an Asus A7V133 mobo. The best KT133A mobo on the market, and I'll back that up to the bloody death...

    As for DDR, wait for VIA's chipset. If you can't wait, get the AMD760 chipset, not Ali Magik. And don't bother unless you are getting the C version of the t-bird, don't go DDR with a 200MHz FSB B t-bird. Performance is better with a KT133A than that.

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  6. What about a Tbird 850, do you think it would be able to take advantage of the Asus A7V133 (with oc'ing and cl2 SDRam)? And I think I'll stay away from the DDR route, after more investigation it's just too pricey, heh.

    Thanks for the insight.
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