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Hallo i have a very weird problem and i will try to explain.
Sometimes when I'm playing SC2 my screen and audio freezes and I'm unable to do anything at all. I have no idea what's causing the problem and how to fix it. And the weirdest part is that it will happend at random times.
Here's two pictures of my screens

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  1. pics are broke. but check your temps. your video driver utility will list its temp in it, and your motherboard manufacturer will have a utility to see at least your processors temp and likely your northbridge too.
    or you could go the ghetto way and play SC2 for a few minutes and feel the heatsinks in your case. the one that can burn you is the problem. find the problem and get more air to it by buying more fans for your case.
    it could be software but most of the time a freeze while playing a game is a heat problem. if nothing seems hot after 10 minutes of play. you can try different drivers for your video, sound and motherboard. video being the likely fix.
    worst case scenario its heat and you have good airflow, in that case you need to underclock or replace coolers with better ones.
  2. If you hold your mouse over the pics and rightclick then you can copy the URL and i didn't see that they were broken :(
    It's not the temp cause I already checked that.
    I guess I have to try the driver trick
  3. saw the pics. ive never seen that exact problem but i once had a very similar problem with a year old radeon x1650. there was no fixing it. it had to RMA it. but i got back a better card because they no longer had mine.
  4. I have a pretty new NVIDIA GeForce GTX470 under a year old, do you really think i need to return it?
  5. try another driver then pick on their support then rma, if support gets you no where. unless your warranty is only a year and your near it then skip support.
  6. Okay thanks you for the help i will post if it worked
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