How to tell if a new PS is DOA? [resolved]

I purchased a Corsair 650w as it was recommended for the EVGA 550 ti replacement graphics card I bought. (Last graphics card died, black screen and monitor was amber)

Now the old 375w power supply works, I tested it and the computer tower shows green but it beeps a few times.

I tried the paper clip test on the NEW PS and it seemed fine but when I hook it into the computer, the fan doesn't even spin. The tower blinks amber. Even if the Mobo is incompatible, shouldn't the fan spin?

Is the new power supply DOA or is it some kind of incompatibility issue with the motherboard? Could it be the CPU?

Specs for my xps 410 are.

CPU model E6300
One seagate driver
Media center edition

Thank you in advance for helping with my issue.
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    The paper clip test isn't the best test. It actually provides a false positive, in that you may be inclined to believe that the PSU is fine just because the fan spins. A PSU does two major things:
    1. Converts the alternating current (AC) from the wall into direct current (DC), which all electric devices require to power up; and
    2. Distributes DC power on demand from the connected components.

    Use a digital multimeter to test the voltages of the P1 connector. Click on the link in my signature to navigate to the troubleshooting page, where you'll find the typical voltage range. You'll also find some helpful tips for troubleshooting.
  2. Thank you for that link, PERFECT for a newb such as myself. I will get a multimeter and see what that brings.
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