212+ on an ASRock Extreme 4 with HyperX T1 DDR3

Hi folks @ Tom's!
Been a while I haven't asked anything, so here goes...

I want to change my stock cooler on my i5-2500K with a 212+ and my concern is clearance. I had one of the tech guys
in my local HW vendor mentioning they won't fit with the HyperX T1 I have due to the high-profile heat spreaders on my
KingstonX T1 RAM.

Does anyone have any experience with this setup? I've searched high and low on the InternetZ but to no avail...
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  1. If your memory is in the sockets closest to the cpu then your vendor is absolutely right.
  2. You can use the 212+ because the fans can be adjusted vertically to accomadate any of your ram sizes. Don't worry, I have the asrock z68 extreme 4 gen 3 and Patriot Sector 7 ram.
  3. The more relevant question is whether your case has enough clearance. What is your case?
  4. Thank you so far, I should have made it more clearer:
    - I am only using one pair seated on the blue sockets (2nd and 4th from the CPU);
    - case used is Gigabyte Aurora 3D Black so it fits;

    Tell you the truth I am not comfortable having the 212 rotated as it will blow the air onto the Power unit. Judging by the specifications the 212 has a clearence of 36 mm and the total height of the HyperX T1 is 61mm - no way I can fit them on the first slot of RAM, but I cannot measure the width and if it will fit by overlapping the first slot.

    Can I just trim the heat spreaders? :) I do consider this as well, really.

    Ah well, if there really is no option to make this fit as is, I can hold on for a bit and get a Corsair H80. Don't think there is much other options considering that RAM height. Do let me know what you guys think.
  5. What amuffin suggests is to raise the fan higher, not to rotate the heatsink block. The fan on hyper 212 can be raised or lowered. If your case has enough clearance, I think this will be worth trying with probably minor hit in thermal performance, but not significant (lower part of heatsink won't receive active wind).
  6. if you are using one pair of ram sticks then you are fine. i have the same mobo & cooler
  7. Thank you guys for the help, after trying different combinations to install the 212+ in
    a way I am comfortable with, I decided to let it go and got a Corsair H100.
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