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Since my HD2400 is rather quite bad recently i did some research and found that GT520 from Nvidia is quite good my question thou is would my pc handle it. I've got AMD Athlon || 64 4200+ i have no clue what the motherboard is but i know its from ASUS, and ive gathered that the PSU is 190w. For short its a S3330i from HP. Thank you in advance for you help !
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  1. For 190W PSU, I wouldn't dare install any card on the board, you should get a better/bigger PSU, mate...
    What is the main purpose of your PC? HTPC? gaming?
  2. You'll have to upgrade atleast that PSU for the card to work.

    Does the mobo have any PCIE slots?
  3. The main purpose is playing casual games like FIFA and NFS but as I dont really need to have it 1080p I still enjoy them. Now to the problem with the PSU ice checked online and the biggest compatible one was 290 watts, but I guess that's no good either im not really 100% sure as to weather mine was 290 and biggest PSU 390. The reason why I thought I could upgrade was that my current card apparently is rated at around 25 watts and the gt520 is 29 watts it's the one without a fan just some big heatsink. And yes it does have PCI express slot x16, x8 and x1
  4. sorry my PSU is actually 160w :-( just checked online
  5. ... zazaboi.. don't try to install any card or upgrade.
    Trash the HP (sorry) and build on of yours.
    You will never purchase brand build pc ever~ ^^
    Custom build always win~ win~
  6. That case looks like it should fit any ATX PSU just fine, this'll get the job done: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817171031
  7. Would that include all the necessary wires/connectors to components
  8. Oh and the case is actually tiny compared to normal desktop case it's a slimline pc
  9. Open up the case and look for a sticker on the PSU which should specify the form factor, if it's ATX then it'll be fine.

    And yes it does have all required connectors and more.
  10. Ok thanks a lot but with that PSU what card can I install from the 500 series nvidia
  11. any up to a gts550, or maybe a gtx560, but that would be way overkill for your system. A gt520 would be fine for your purposes. BUT there are better cards that you can get at similar price, a a 5670 would be better and use less power too.
  12. zazaboi said:
    Oh and the case is actually tiny compared to normal desktop case it's a slimline pc

    or you can just take the psu out and measure it yourself. if it's somewhere around 5.91" x 5.52" x 3.39", then it's ATX and you can fit that cooler master in it. A HD5670/6670 would be a good card for you
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