LAN set up with clien machine having no hard disk

I would like to set up a network, running XP.Each machine, when log off will have the Ctrl +Alt +Del option requiring authorisation. This certainly will requires an server. Also, it seems that client machine does not need hard disk as all program can be loaded from server.
I look at this link:<A HREF=";en-us;307311&sd=tech" target="_new">;en-us;307311&sd=tech</A> and it is now what I understand:
1) The server need two NIC card. One is to get Internet into the machine and other is where the switch will be connected to.
2)All client machine is connected to a switch .

But what I still do not quite understand is that how is it possible for client machine running software in server. In the case where all client machine does not have hard disk, is it true that the server's hard disk need to be very powerful(SCSI or the like). What is recommmended characteristic of the server's hardware.

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  1. This is the share the internet through one computer. Your link points to setting up one computer as a proxy for the rest of the computer. Not what you're thinking..

    What you want is something like emulation - Thin Clients or Citrix are the two that come to mind.

    These machines don't need a hard drive, they have a "DOM" which is a memory based hard drive. They still need something to read from to boot up. Citrix is server based and clients are installed on thin clients (basic PCs) or computers and emulation occurs. The server hosts the software and all, the PC is just there for viewing.

    You might want to do a little more research into running a Small Home Network to accomplish what you're trying to do.

    You can use Terminal Services also/Remote Desktop to run software off the server and not have it based on the Server.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Before I do research, I would like to aslo point out the fact that in my University, the general Lab contains about 200 machine and the have the Ctrl+Alt + Del logging in system. But I guess that each machine has harddisk as only few sofwtare requires the "Installation"

    So in this case, how is it different
  3. Having to hit ctrl+alt+del to log in can be done on a standalone computer. You do not need to setup a domain controller to do that.
    For winxp go to the control panel, go to User Accounts, click "change the way users log on or off", make sure both things in there are unchecked, and hit apply options. Now when your computer boots up or you log out it will give you the ctrl+alt+del.

    If you want to run everything off a server (apps and all) winterms are probably the best way to go. A winterm is pretty much just a little WinCE box w/ a keyboard/mouse port, vga port, and a network port. It runs completely off a terminal session with a server. They are commonly used along with a Citrix server though just using regular server terminal sessions is also possible.
    Running something like this is mainly for point of sale or basic office type stuff. It is generally not a good solution when doing graphic art/video type stuff or gaming (you could not play any game).

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  4. I know it is possible to do a network boot of windows (as long as your computer supports it), however it is very complicated.

    Apparently you have to create a DOS image file that is sent over the network(network boot only supports very small files). This then points to the windows directory on the server and boots that.
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