AMD HD 4580 New Drivers Crash my System

I'm still on 11.5 because any newer driver crashes my whole system, and I have to boot into to safe mode to rollback the driver to 11.5.

The card is only 9 months old.

I have updated my motherboard's driver as well, but it didn't help.

I've tried every new driver, to no avail.

When I contacted AMD support, they basically said, tough luck get a newer card. Needless to say I'll never buy another AMD product.

Any ideas?
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  1. Are you sure it's 4580 and not 4850?
    Sometimes the older driver can be more stable, already tried that?
  2. hmmm....
    I just research your card in
    11.10 is update driver.
    but once you install it then there are no success boot into windows.
    May be reformat your system is option.
    AGP card driver once it start having a trouble you... this is only way to fix is reformat.
    i have ati 5770 but there no problem update every driver they give me.
    Unless if you don't have problems with 11.5 please you don't have to update every time new driver come out~ ^^
  3. I'm just worried that 11.5 won't play nice with Skyrim. I learned a valuable lesson. NEVER EVER BUY AMD GARBAGE.
  4. ^+1
    You'll regret it later when you own a nvidia card and it gives you the same problem...
    Both brand has their own problem, buddy... :)
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