How do I upload a Banner in my sig?

I'd like to know how to upload a banner into my sig. My banner is 399 x 74 28KB

I thought it might be like into >manage my profile>Forum options> signature. But that didn't seem to work, when I click apply its says my profile has been updated but the url I just put into my sig box has disappeared. :heink:

So could someone explain to me how its done, Thanks.
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  1. Did you check the box underneath to 'apply signature'?
  2. aford10 said:
    Did you check the box underneath to 'apply signature'?

  3. See the similar thread here.

    If you aren't using Firefox, and aren't in the US section, that could be part of the problem. The UK section has issues, and the site is designed to render the best in Firefox.
  4. The site has issues, is a huge understatement.

    Anyway in the link you posted a poster said "Just make sure they are all one one line... Meaning no enter key to start a new line or anything". This is impossible, it just won't let me have in one line

    If I have to the second line.

    Honestly, whoever is the web designer at Tom's needs to be sacked, The website never render's properly. On the website it says I have only 8 best answers in the graphic & displays section even though I have an E-mail from Tomshardware saying I have 10...

    I'll give up with this banner thing... More trouble than its worth.
  5. What he meant by the one line thing is to avoid using line breaks. Having the text in the textbox wrap around isn't an issue because it won't necessarily do that in your actual sig. Line breaks should be fine in theory (aford10 has one after all). I would try logging into and doing it. You'll have more luck with everything on the US site, if indeed you already use the UK site.

    As for the badge count inconsistency, it's likely a UK/US issue again. Some badges are tracked simultaneously on both sites while some (mostly section-specific ones) are tracked only on the site that you get them on.
  6. Well I tried it on the US version of Tomshardware, Don't think it worked. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Hi.

    Can you post please the sig that you are trying to use? Remove the last part to see the order of it.


    Remove the last part? I hope what I posted is correct.
  9. Wow FML, image shack isn't loading....

    Edit Testing other images...

    Edit: 2 Gonna test on US toms..

  10. Remove the image from image shack and upload again.
  11. saint19 said:
    Remove the image from image shack and upload again.

    Ok man, I'll try.
  12. Wow... At last. lol Thanks saint19 ;)
  13. What did you do different, to get it to work?
  14. Just deleted the sig image from imageshack, then uploaded it again. went on the US Toms and put the URL in my sig box (with the things) and bobs your uncle ;) :sol:
  15. Your welcome ;)
  16. Interesting. I often have issues with people posting imageshack links where the image never shows, so that may have been one of those times. I personally prefer photobucket, it just seems to work better.
  17. When I originally looked at the imageshack link, the image was fine. So I'm betting that the issue was the UK server.
  18. ^I think that same, or a problem solving the address on imageshack.
  19. Yeah the UK site is dodgy, I hope it gets sorted out soon.
  20. @randomizer: What happen with the cat?
  21. Quote:
    ^That cat avatar of radomizer was stolen by shadow(sniper).

    @Fatat Great sig mate.I am also thinking of making one myself.Did you use photoshop to make the banner?

    Thanks mate, Yeah just 5 minutes in Photoshop. ;)
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