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New Graphics Card & BF3 or Xbox 360?

So I can't decide if I want to buy a GTX 560 Ti and BF3 or a New Xbox 360 * already have bf3*. My current xbox reads games half the time I think the laser is scratched or something. My PC specs are as followed:

CPU: i3-2100
Mobo: Biostar H61MH
GPU: Evga 8800GT
PSU: Corsair TX650
RAM: 8GB Corsair XMS3

I'm leaning into the GPU, because I have a feeling a new 360 or something is going to be released within the next year, I also have a backup 360 that's modded. So back to my main point, how good with BF3 run on a 560 ti? also can anyone suggest a Radeon equivalent that's not much more then 220$ I think bf3 and nvidia drivers and not getting along, i read some things online. Whatcha got?
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    I am a pc gamer at heart so naturally i am going to say go for the 560ti for sure. As for these driver issues your hearing of i am not to sure which your referring too ? i am running two nvidea setups and not having problems on either. I would say with your setup and a 560ti you will be able to run at high settings. just a tad under ultra. Also which resolution are you playing at will make a big difference as well. as for a radeon card i would suggest a 6950 is around that price range. you should be able to find one on sale for around that price there normally around 260, Also if you do go for a 560ti Nvidea is releasing a revised version of it and will be giving it a performance boost just a tad under the 570gtx. so if you can wait a month it might be worth it.
  2. I like to play at 1920x1080 resolutions, thanks sharing
  3. I found a GTX 560ti for 212$ on newegg, il keep my eye on that along with other price drops. It will be my x-mas gift...
  4. Nice!! well congrats on your soon to be purchased i am sure you wont be disappointed! I currently own a 570gtx and a 580gtx and i have no complaints what so ever. from what Ive been reading and seeing on benchmarks the 560 ti is just a tad under the 570. After playing bf3 on pc you will never go back to your 360 lol!
  5. If you wait until december, 560ti's are going to get upgraded :)
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