Gigabyte 990fxa ud3 not booting into bios

i have just purchased all the parts for my first build and have it finally assembled but it wont boot into the bios. i get the splash screen and if i hit delete to go into the bios i just stays on a black screen. im a first time builder and have no clue wat to do help!
system specs
fx 8350
990fxa ud3
2 7950s
neutron 120 ssd
500gb wd blue
and ax750
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  1. i have read that and it has nothing in it pertaining to my problem
  2. was wondering if you ever found a solution to your problem? i have the same thing on mine
  3. I had to get in contact with gigabyte themselves and came to the conclusion I had a bad board and had to rma it. I just gave up on gigabyte for now since its a common problem with that board. If I may suggest the asrock 990fxa extreme 9 is an excellent board if you want an alternate solution. Best of luck!
  4. press tab instead of del and try to see the bios version in the first post .. what it is ?
    your fx8350 is 125w cpu and if you have revision 3.0 board it could be ok the first release bios fa should support it ..
    if you have rev. 1.2 .. the bios version should be fe to support it ..
    and if you have 1.0 or 1.1 .. probably a problem that bios should be much later to F9 to support it.
  5. If he really wants to know he should def get in touch with gigabyte they are a huge help. My board was a rev 3.0 board and none of that worked.
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