Gateway dx4860-UB33P Upgrading help!

I bought this tower for a few reasons. First it was relativly cheap and came with a second gen i5 processor. I am thinking of upgrading to 16g of ram and the video card / power suply as well. Now i have already thrown in a gt430 and it works "OK". but as stated in other posts my power suply is only 3 or 400w. i forget offhand. Anyway my question is more about cooling. With the stock case is it even possible to add colling fans etc? would i have to buy a new case for this or what? any suggestions would be great.
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  1. its always possible to add cooling fans but if your case doesn't have spots for fans that have yet to be installed then it makes it more difficult seeing as now you will have to cut into the case to make these openings.
  2. I have run into a problem with the power suply upgrade. my current has a fan on the backside, most i have been looking at online have the fans ontop of them, now can i just turn them over and have the fan on the bottom? I have done many upgrades on computers but im unsure of this and i dont want to screw it up. any suggestions on that? i think i may have to get a new tower and just install my components in that honestly.
  3. Yes, those fans are supposed to draw air in from the case and out thru the rear of the PSU so it will work fine.
    If you had a case where the PSU mounts on the bottom, they usually have venting on the bottom of the case so the PSU can draw air outside air in without taking cool air from inside the case.
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