Triple screen with Nvidia Gefore GTX 560 TI

This card is on it's way here, it has 1 HDMI-out, and 2 DVI-outs. I'm going to refer to these from left to right; 1, 2, and 3.

does the order in which they are dictate what position they will show. ie, If I want the HDMI-out (1) (far left) to be the center how would I do that? I'm not perfect at English please let me know if this doesn't make sense.

// lm = Left monitor
// cm = Center monitor
// rm = Right monitor
// 1 = HDMI (left port)
// 2 = (DVI1 (center port))
// 3 = (DVI2 (right port))

This is I want them.

lm = 2
cm = 1
rm = 3

Is this possible, and how would I set this up?
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    No it doesn't.You can organize it anyone you want in Windows.

    Also I should let you know that Nvidia cards only support 2 monitors on 1 card.
  2. Oh wow you are right, the article I was reading was talking about SLI, I missed that. You just saved me around 200 USD, when I say thanks, I really mean it. THANKS!
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  4. If you want to use a single card for multiple displays go with AMD.They allow you to use up to 6 monitors on one card.

    Your Welcome
  5. @ Purple stank, you mean the Eyefinity edition cards ?
  6. Well I figured the OP was getting a GTX560ti so it would be of equal AMD counterpart.I wouldn't think he would go with a low end card.But yes I meant Eyefinity.
  7. I meant which models from AMD able to drive 6 monitors?
  8. I think it's the 6850 and up.
  9. Okay good to know, Thanks.
    I'll PM you.
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