Motherboard dead?

Hello, today I was finishing of making my pc and apparently put it on the wall outlet to make a diagnostic and see if it works properly. But it doesn't start... The fans aren't moving (even the PSU one), so I looked the internet and saw I connected the wrong way the USB cables of the case. I plugged them in and... no, it won't start. Any help? (p.s: I hope not to be dead, even if it was free, I mean I took it out because of performance issues and changed it) Thanks in advance! Oh, and I'm not sure if the motherboard is a SiS 98 or SiS 671, because on it write both things. I put the subcategory ASRock because there's no SiS category.
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  1. Hi,
    Have you connected the USB cable to a Firewire (ieee 1394) header?
    If yes, then most probably you'll have to RMA the board.
    You can also test the power supply using the paperclip test (look on Youtube for how to).
  2. It's not a ieee 1394 header, there just says 'F_USB1' and 'F_USB2'. What I did is to put the cables the wrong way (I mean the signs headed to the case instead to the motherboard but actually they had to head to the motherboard) I'm afraid it's gone. Hope it's not. Any help else here?
  3. Solved it! :) Actually was because:

    1. The CMOS jumper was set on clear (and I didn't even figured it)
    2. The power cables were inserted the wrong way.

    Thanks for everyone's help! (More exactly to alexoiu)
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