Error code 62 after brilliant OC failure, need damage control.

Built a new pc last week
-Asrock z77 extreme 4
-Zotax GTX 670
-Corsair Vengeance 1600
-H100 water cooling

It's been running fine on its 4.5ghz 1.25v OC, even was stable at 4.9ghz but with uncomfortable voltage. I was dicking around with it again and tried seeing if Crysis 3 would run at 5ghz. It BSOD pretty quick and I reboot and go back into BIOS, I decided to do my OC settings in BIOS this time vs the windows program because its kinda wonky. Set it up for my stable 4.7ghz OC that was verified to work.

The trouble starts when windows boots up and the ASrock OC utility automatically starts, I notice I want to lower my voltage a little and go back to 4.5ghz. I lowered the voltage offset and hit apply, this actually added the offset to the offset I set in BIOS and right before it BSOD again CPU-Z showed 1.6+vcc!!!!

Long story short, it wont POST now at all. The LED on the mobo gives me error code 4F for 3 seconds, then 67 for half a second, then stays at 62. I've tried resetting UEFI several times, disconnected everything except for mobo power, cpu power, 1 stick of ram. Still no post. Currently I've unplugged everything (left cpu in socket) and taken out bios battery and I'm gonna let it sit for awhile. This worked when nothing else did when my athlon xp 2500 did the same thing years ago, but I'm very doubtful.

From what I've read 1.6v vcc will probably really offend some of you (I've seen the IB voltage circle-jerks). I know I screwed up.

1. Can I recover and how?
2. If not, is my mobo or cpu the broken part now?

Note: Error code 62 is "south bridge initialization"
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  1. heh, heh, funny 5GHz on CLC funny.

    Anyway Southbridge is what the BIOS is connected to and chances are a CMOS reset(you taking out the battery) will fix it, leave it for an hour or so and try again. It's highly unlikely an OC will damage the southbridge.
  2. I already tried all of that stuff, no luck. I'm really just wondering now do I buy a new mobo or cpu first? I've heard IB is pretty resilient towards temporary screw ups, but I'm not sure. I'm going to try the CMOS reset one more time (ive done it 5+ times now) and leave it out for longer.

    EDIT: Didn't realize what CLC meant at first lol. I actually got lucky and won the chip lottery, my 3570k was very good. 4.9ghz was p95 stable at 1.4v but temps were getting close to 90c so I backed off. It helps that my room is probably 60F ambient and my case is open
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