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I3-2100 bottleneck 550ti sli

I'm going to get another MSI Cyclone OC 550ti to sli my system. Just wondering if my CPU will be able to handle it. And yes I will eventually grab a quadcore intel chip. Just wondering if what I have now will bottleneck 2 550ti's. Below is what I currently have.

i3 -2100
8gb ram (Gskill)
MSI Cyclone OC 550ti
XFX 650w

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  1. No, the i3-2100 does not even bottleneck the gtx 680 and radeon 7970.
  2. amuffin said:
    No, the i3-2100 does not even bottleneck the gtx 680 and radeon 7970.

    @amuffin when i3 2100 become powerful to handle gtx 680 or hd 7970.
  3. Bottlenecks are yes and no. Games that don't rely on the cpu won't, but games that use the cpu a lot will.,3159-12.html

    2120 bottlenecking a 6950 in f1 2010 but not metro 2033. Sli would tax the cpu harder than a single card, how much ... couldn't say.
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    theres 0 chance of bottlenecking that cpu with that gfx card even with a game like bfbc2 which prefers more than 2 cores... your cpu has hyper threading so it will be able to handle it without a problem...
    on gta 4 you will have a bottleneck though not because of the hardware but because the game is so badly ported... so stay away from games like it and you should have 0 issues.
  5. So what I'm pretty much getting from your replies are i3-2100 + 2 550ti in sli = no problem.

    Thank you all!
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