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I need to get eh error code on restarting. how do I get that screen
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  1. Details?
  2. I need to get the error code to show why my computer [ win 7 ] has been shutting down sometimes. Apparently it should show up, but the computer advances beyond that point on restart. Sometimes it says has been a shut down suddenly but that is all.
    Is there an F button I need to press at the beginning of restart?
    I have managed to reset the bios to default and that may have cured it but the friend who helped build the com would like to know the code. - he is not around at the moment. hope that's a bit clearer. tom
  3. Okay, well rather than trying to get to that code, lets figure out why your computer is shutting down randomly.

    This is typically a sign of your CPU or GPU overheating, or your PSU is going bad. Download a program called realtemp and watch the temperature of your CPU. If your computer shuts down, let us know what the temperature was. For your GPU, download a program that will monitor its temperature. Again, report back here what it was.

    What exactly are you doing when the computer shuts down?
  4. why is there a download link to an advert in your reply?

    at the time of the shut down I was writing on word office and maybe listening to some music. very little activity for an AMD phenom x2 555 with 4 gig ram.
  5. So it is either a CPU overheating or your PSU is going out. So download this: (download button is on the right). Once downloaded, run it. It won't install anything. It will display your processor temperatures. If you minimize it, the temperature will read on the bottom right from the task bar. Keep an eye on it, and next time it shuts down write what the last temp was that you saw. Also, post back here with what the temperature reads normally.

    By the way, there is an ad in my post because this forum automatically does this. It is not in my control. I don't sell anything. Many websites do this sort of advertising, taking select words and turning them into a link to an ad.
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