What's A Dangerous Temperature For A CPU To Run At?

Hey everyone just a quick question what's a dangerous temperature for a CPU And GPU to run at? Just wondering that's all. Runs at 28 degrees C

Here's what I am running at, so you guys know:


Heat-Sink Thermaltake Frio Atric Thermal Paste

GPU: AMD 6970 XFX x2

MB: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX

RAM: G.SKills Sniper DDR3 2x8GB 1600 1.25 Low Voltage

SSD: OCZ Agility 3 SATA 3 128GB

HDD: WD 1TB Caviar Black 7200RPM Sata 6GB 64MB Cache

PSU: CORSAIR Professional Series Gold AX850 GOLD Certified Full Modular Active PFC Power Supply.

Antec 1200 Case Full Upgraded Fans, With 6 Fan Controller

LG Blu-Ray Burner

Windows 7 Home Premium
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  1. CPU: don't go over 80'Celcius
    GPU: some can ran at 90'C, the temps for GPU can tolerate higher than CPU.
  2. Best answer
    FX 6200 Maximum Temperature: 70C
    max temp for the 6970 is roughly 90-100C
  3. ^+1 to amuffin...
  4. Exactly what i was looking for, you helped a noob alot, tyvm
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