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I have a router that feeds two switches, a 5 port gigabit and a 16 port fast Ethernet... My primary reason for the network is local media sharing. Is there a prefered way to set this up?

Do I connect the switches both to the router or do I feed one switch from another switch from the router.

Which way would be most stable?
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    Is your router 10/100 or gigabit? Really, anyway you hook them up should be good. Any gigabit equipped computers should be hooked into a gigabit switch for max speed, and the 10/100 will do just that.

    If you have a 10/100 connecting two gigabit switches, that's when you'll slow down the whole network.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I have a 10/100 router and 10/100 16port switch and the 5port gigabit switch. So connecting the two switches through the router will not introduce any latency or problems? I am probably over-thinking this.
  3. No additional latency in any configuration of connecting those switches. Just be sure that you don't make a ring.
  4. Quote:
    how many computers do you have that you wnat to connect

    about 12 devices at any time, the extras are for the ability to plug in anywhere around the house.
  5. No need for name / model number. The router was clearly stated as a 100Mbps router, most likely a SOHO model which makes it a router + switch technically.

    Plug your 16 port FE switch to port 1 on the SOHO router, plug the 1Gb switch to port 2 on the SOHO router. Plug any 1Gb devices into the 1Gb switch to maximize their performance to each other, plug everything else into the 16 port FE switch.

    *Poof* optimal network configuration complete.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone.
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