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OK, according to an old document on a subdomain I need ATI's Proprietary Linux driver version 8.14.13 (IIRC) to work with my Radeon Mobility x600.

The only reference I can find to a linux driver is to which in every instance is "I have this on my desktop and..."

What I need is to get the OLD ATI drivers. I know they were downloadable from, but every other page I can find redirects to gives me dropdowns which lead to a message that the OEM is responsible for my laptop. Going to HPs site gives ONLY Windows XP drivers as this is an older laptop and card.

So I know the drivers were downloaded a lot, I know the files are out there but AMD points to the manufacturer, the manufacturer doesn't recognize linux and I cannot find an alternative download source... wishing they'd just left the drivers on ATI with a disclamer, or provide the driver with a disclaimer has got me nowhere- so... where can I get a copy of ati-driver-installer-8.*.* files OR the drivers themselves (or both if I need them).
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  1. Use the "download drivers" drop-down menus in the upper right corner. They may lead you to manufacturer support page.
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    Is this what you need?
    and (read the installer notes for directions to use).
    Hope this helps
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  4. DogSnake that was exactly what I was looking for but unfortunately it failed anyway. (Radeon Mobility x600 under linux mint 11).

    I also tried the current linux AMD drivers, despite my card not being supported- for the record, not only did that not work but it messed up the native drivers enough I have to go figure out how to restore them, or uninstall the .run...

    Thanks anyway!
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