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i have no idea what i have done but for some reason my relatively new laptop (2 months) doesn't use the graphics card that came with it at all. the card doesn't even show up in device manager (AMD Radeon HD 6470M or at least i'm pretty sure it is, can't know because it doesn't show up when i try to manage my devices.) i know for certain that im not crazy and that i never had a graphics card because i recall switching the settings from quality to performance through catalyst control center, an amd app, that is also not on my computer anymore.

any suggestions?
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  1. update: i managed to make the card appear in device manager, however i don't think that my laptop is using it still. and i am unable to update the driver. also it is a AMD Radeon HD 6470M
  2. and there any "Unknown Device" in the device manager?

    if it is there and working you should find it under "Display Adapters"

    download and run GPUZ it will give you all the info about any installed graphics card / chip
  3. well right now my question is how to change my computer from running on the intel graphics to the amd graphics.

    thanks for the reply.
  4. there is no setting to "Change" what card your computer runs on.

    if it was running on the intel graphics you would most likley not even be able to open the games at all.

    what does Device manager / GPUZ list your graphics card as?
  5. AMD:

    screenshots of both cards.
    currently i am trying to install various AMD applications but keep getting errors.

    another question: since the card didn't show up in my device manager before does that mean my laptop wasn't using the card at all, or was it using the card but the card just didn't show up?

    EDIT: i tested the game i was playing again, and now it runs a lot smoother. but could you elaborate on that "changing" graphics card thing. i still don't understand if both cards are being used at the same time.
  6. it should always appear in device manager. regardless of if it is in use or wasnt using it.

    go to the website and download the latest drives for you 6470M

    make sure you select the M (or mobile) version or it may not work..

    64bit Windows

    32bit Windows

    btw what games are you trying to play. or why dont u think its using the ATI card?
  7. I was playing fable and the game was really choppy and slow. but now it runs fine. i have no idea what happened maybe i my computer was just running slow that day or there were some background programs that i missed.

    thanks for the help :)
  8. well my card went missing again. i guess whatever i did was only a temporary fix. need help again.
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