I have just bought an extra GTX 460 which is a Gigabyte GTX 460 SE, i already have an ASUS GTX 460 ToP, but the SLI option in nvidia control panel is not showing. Any suggestions?
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  1. They won't SLI because the SE card has less CUDA core and different clock.
  2. You probably should return it and buy a gtx 460 with the correct amount of cuda cores................
  3. When doing an SLI or Xfire, you must get the exact same card. Hopefully you can exchange the new card for a GTX 460 SE (may be a price difference). Otherwise you are stuck with two graphics cards and no performance gain for it.
  4. GTX 460 and GTX 460 SE are not same CUDA cores. :lol:
  5. sli is possible when different brand and same model if there is any change in model you shouldn't able to sli .

    (GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 336CC) (GTX 460 768MB GDDR5 336CC) (GTX 460 SE 288CC)

    gtx460 SE is slower in CUDA so how is this possible to sli.
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