How to run internal hard drive in any other pc

My pc hard drive is not ran , How to check My pc internal hard drive to joyind laptop and check
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  1. Im assuming your question is how do I test a 3.5" HDD to see if it works using a laptop with a slot only large enough for a 2.5" HDD.

    on a small number of laptops, the Sata/Power connector is connected via a wire, and can be pulled out of the slot. If you laptop is one like this, then just plug in the hard drive and turn the laptop on (however it will probably not boot up, so boot from a disk or USB).

    If the Sata/Power connector is attached directly to the laptops motherboard, then you will need to get some sort of adaptor cable as the hard drive will not fit into the enclosure.

    Hopefully this has helped you (as your question was unclear)

  2. English translation:
    The hard disk drive in my pc doesn't work. How can I connect it to my laptop to see if it works that way?

    Buy a 3.5'' USB external enclosure, put your hard drive into it, and connect the enclosure to the laptop with an USB cable.
    There are IDE and SATA enclosures, buy the one that matches your hard disk's type, or look for enclosures or docking stations which support both.
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