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Cheapest motherboard that can support a GTX 550ti and is LGA1155?

Simple question really, looking for the cheapest or at least the best price/performance motherboard on the market, needs to have an LGA 1155 socket for the CPU thing and it would be nice if there was room to upgrade GPU as well (maybe to a Radeon 7970 or equivalent Nvidia card) although I don't plan on doing that for a while. Mostly going to be for gaming and video editing.
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    Well, just about 1155 socket can take any CPU designed to go into it. The cheapest 1155 socket board I have seen recently is a H61 chipset board, i believe. Go online to your favorite retailer, search for 1155 sockets or H61 chipsets and then sort by prices.

    I find them as cheap as $41.
  2. Thanks for the advice tigerg!
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