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What Motherboard for my gaming rig?

-i have a budget of around 900 for just components
-i plan on using an i7 3770k 1155 socket
-nvidia gtx 670 maybe sli in the future

i was looking at but this---Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H LGA 1155 Z77 ATX Intel Motherboard $149.99 i was told it was pricey.

any suggestions for what i should get?
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    if you're also doing some rendering, VM's, photo/video editing, etc. go on with the 3770K. if this is solely a gaming PC, a 3570K is the most you'll ever need. it also does the former tasks just as well.

    if you're in need of the whole PC components, HDD, case and PSU included, you may need to extend your budget a bit, if you're looking for a 3570K + 670 build, with the option to SLI in the future.

    if you got a Microcenter nearby, you can grab a 3570K for ~$30 less. there's also a $77 Asrock Z75 board that allows for OCing but not much in terms of SLI. any cheaper, and it's either a non-OCable build (you lose to SLI the GPU @ 8x/8x) or an AMD build.

    if that $900 budget only covers the motherboard, CPU, GPU and RAM, then that's a lot more manageable. you can freely ignore my advice on the i5 if you're looking to spend in this case.
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  3. Thanks!
    sory it took me so long to get back to this, i've been super busy
    all of these suggestions i have been getting have really helped me narrow it down thanks

    and i think im going to wait a little and get some more money gathered up (like 1100) and then i can make a shiny new machine :D
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