My router disconnects me from the internet when...

When my wired computer is connected to my router alone, it runs fine. But when a wireless computer connects to my router, and try's to access the internet my wired computer gets disconnected from the internet and then reconnects to it in like 5 seconds. My router has the latest firmware and my computer has all of the latest drivers (driver scanner), and my router is connected to a cable modem. If i connect my computer to the cable modem it runs fine so i think the problem has to do with the router. I've also tried giving a static dhcp to my wired computer, so that other computers don't get the same ip as my computer but it didn't help either. Should i buy a new router or does anyone have any other suggestions?

Also it only seems to disconnect if the computer that connects to the router uses the internet in some way, like going to a web page. If they do nothing but connect to the router nothing happens.

My router is a Dlink Di-624
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  1. Nvm the updating of the driver must have fixed it cause it works now.

    edit: nvm it still happens :\
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