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I have an emachines E1831, with a EMCP73VT-PM motherboard. I am planning to upgrade the GPU, PSU, RAM in the upcoming weeks. I am normally decent knowledgeable when dealing with computers, but I'm sort of stuck here. To get to the point, would that mobo be able to handle an upped GPU,PSU and ram? In regards to the PSU, I was planning to put in ATLEAST a 350W psu. I posted this question on Y! answers, and one user said that I'm better off getting a new computer all together, which on my budget,I definately cannot do. Also, is there any good graphics cards for a 250w psu, if I cannot upgrade it?
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  1. http://www.e4allupgraders.info/dir1/motherboards/socket775/ecsMCP73VT-PM.shtml

    Good selection of CPU's, gaming, stick with a E8600, need a quad, Q6600/6700, don't forget to upgarde to latest bios before replacing cpu.

    2x4GB DDR2-667, anything faster should work, but at lower timings and not cost worth it

    I would upgrade to shiny new 400w bronze+ psu and get a ATI 5570.
  2. Is that PSU compatible with my mobo? Also, I don't belive my mobo can be equipped with a quad core processor.
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