Confirm I am NOT using my neighbors network in an apartment building?

Hi there, I hope you can help.

When I go to connect to the Internet on my wireless laptop I see two networks with the same name. Mine was there first for years as a secured network but most recently another network with the same name has appeared as unsecured. Weeks ago, we suffered phone line problems after a storm. We have had our phone lines repaired but now when I want to log on to the Internet, it is now asking me for a security key and I also noticed the signal is very poor. I do not know this key info as I allowed the DSL man to set up everything for me when we first got our account. I have called my provider many times but they always tell me to stop using the wireless, reset the modem and use the cable to connect directly to the modem, then enter a certain IP address in order to access an admin page. I however can no longer access the Internet without that security key. I tried to explain to the provider my problem but he kept insisting his methods would work and I don't believe he fully understood. (His English wasn't great.)

I have now logged on to the unsecured network (that has the same name as mine) in the hopes of accessing the admin page but I stop short of doing anything because I am fearful of messing something up. In order to post this I am using the unsecured network. I feel uncomfortable doing so because it may belong to my neighbor but I do not know of what else to do. Can you help me to confirm I am using my own network? And can you tell me why after so many years of using my wireless connection I am now being asked for a security key? (I am overseas but can share any info you need if it is helpful.) I hope what I've written is clear. Thank you so much.
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  1. what kind of wireless equipment do you have?
  2. I have an Afaq Dsl Shamel modem, model # 014

    (remember I am outside of the US)
  3. do you have a CD?

    Afaq DSL Shamel customers- it is highly recommended you use the Fahess CD to
    set up your modem.

    Non Shamel customers- Each modem has a different IP address see
    your modem instruction manual to get your address.

    Afaq DSL Shamel customers: Once you request
    installation of your new AFAQ DSL Shamel modem you will
    receive a text message from STC with the user name and
    password. If you lose your password send a SMS to 907
    entering 8111, then area code (e.g 01 for Riyadh) then
    your telephone number, your username and password will
    be sent to your mobile (Example 8111 015555555).
    Non Afaq DSL Shamel customers: Your activation code
    will be on your recharge card. Please follow the
    instructions on the back of the card.

    IP address
    Afaq DSL Shamel customers: your IP address will automatically be set up when you follow the steps in the fahess installation wizard.
    Non Shamel customers: every modem manufacturer has a different IP address, you can find your IP address in your modem user manual.

    Getting password for modem
    1. For Afaq DSLShamel customers, you can retrieve your modem password by accessing the Fahess wizard and following the steps provided.
    For non Afaq DSL Shamel customers enter IP address in the address bar of your web browser.
    2. Go to the user settings.
    3. Follow the guides to amend the user name and password as required.
    4. Be sure you remove the proxy from the browser settings.
    * Note: please ensure you keep your password safe don’t let anyone else access your modem.
  4. Yes, I still have the cd and manual but why would I need to go through these steps again if it's already been set up?

    My computer clearly shows the networks in my area, two of which have the same name. One is mine and it is now asking for a security key. The DSL man did everything for us years ago, obviously he set up this security key.

    Previously my network showed on my computer as "AFAQSHAMEL" (security-enabled network). And for years that was the *only* Afaq listed on my computer. Now, there is another network showing "Afaqshamel" (unsecured network). When I click on my network, it prompts me for the security key. I have called my provider many times but *nothing* they give me works. They keep sending me texts messages with user name/password and tell me to enter a certain IP address in my browser to access an admin page but they don't understand this doesn't help me if I can't even access the Internet under my own network without that key.

    Of course if I click on the other Afaq unsecured network, it does not prompt for a security key and connects me to the Internet. This is how I am able to post now but I am almost certain this is not my network but how can I confirm this? And I do not want to access the admin page using the wrong network for fear it will cause more problems.

    I have never had this problem before. I just want to confirm my network and find out why it is prompting me for a key after all these years.

    Can you explain why using the CD again can help me with the problems I am experiencing?

    Thank you for the help.
  5. I was hoping you be able to get to the wireless settings to look up or change the security key on your modem
  6. Ok, I loaded the Cd and it has given me three options in the beginning:

    -New user/First time configuration
    -Additional PC
    -Expert Installation

    Given that this has already previously been set up by the DSL man what would I choose now to help solve my problem?
  7. Emerald, I will check with you tomorrow; it's late here, better sleep. Thanks.
  8. try either Additional PC or Expert Installation
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